Welcome to Roffle.net! Yes, this is a website for gamers, but it aims to be much more than just another gaming site. Instead of inundating you with more content about a particular game (of which there are numerous resources for already) it is my goal to build a community of better gamers by injecting a little positivity in game and IRL.

About Me

My name is Stephen, but for nearly a decade I’ve been know in game as Roffle.

Real Life

During my schooling years, I frequently suffered from a lack of motivation. I enjoyed (and still do) learning, but wanted to do so on my own terms. While teachers were droning on about the scheduled content, I was often deep in research on something completely different.

After (eventually) finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I continued increasing my breadth of knowledge. Part of that included teaching myself the basics of programming, resulting in a job in the software industry.

In my free time, I am perpetually looking for new ways to better my life. I’ve dedicated hours to studying topics applicable to my everyday life including fitness, nutrition, and personal finance. Research into these topics has resulted in leading a healthy, successful, and happy life.

More than anything, I love sharing my knowledge and ideas through writing. As such, my goal is impart some wisdom in a wide range of topics on this site.


Like many in my generation, video games have been a staple in my life since a young age. As a six year old, I nearly lost my mind playing Super Mario Kart for the first time. To this day I’m nigh unbeatable on the original SNES version.

In college, I frequently sacrificed sleep, health, and GPA for the opportunity to practice Arena with my 3v3 team. Eventually, I did manage to achieve the Gladiator rank I was so vehemently seeking.

Not long after finishing my degree, I found Hearthstone and fell in love with the game. Along with it being the perfect marriage of Warcraft lore and collectible card games, the game allowed me to find equilibrium between casual fun and a competitive ranking system.

In Hearthstone, I was able to stoke the competitive flames a bit, reaching Rank 1 Legend, as well as qualifying for the inaugural Hearthstone Wild Open (with a Top 16 finish).

Presently, I find that I enjoy discussing and analyzing the game much more than playing it competitively. As such, I became a regular contributor to articles and deck guides at Hearthstone Top Decks and occasionally stream my games on Twitch

Most of the time, however, I simply play games for the social interaction and ability to share experiences with those that have similar interests. It is for this purpose that Roffle Gaming was created.

About the Site

Too often, a rigid dichotomy between Gaming and Real Life is assumed. Here, I hope to instead investigate and discuss the interaction between the two in order to better enjoy both.

As such, articles will seek to strike a balance between Gaming and Real Life, both in their content and in quantity on the site. Maintaining equilibrium between the two topics is key for not only being a better gamer, but a better human.

Live Better.

If your health, finances, relationships, and general lifestyle aren’t in order, video games shouldn’t be much of a consideration (let alone a priority). Articles on Real Life will provide advice on how to improve your life before the occasional escape from reality.

Too often basic life skills, such as money management, nutrition, and cooking, are overlooked in favor of more specialized (albeit employable) training. Articles on these matters will help you level-up your real life in lockstep with your favorite video game champion.

Game Better.

While I’ve had a fair share of success in gaming, I’m a Far Cry from a professional-level player. I’m certainly not the first person you should look if your goal is breaking into the pro scene. What I do understand, however, is the impact the right Mindset and Community has on the amount of enjoyment you get out of video games.

As a result, articles won’t necessarily emphasize game play itself. Nor will the focus be on a particular game. Instead, content will speak to gaming in general and finding a way to enjoy video games (as they are meant to be) without sacrificing everything else in your life.

A Look Forward

The purpose of the site is to create a rich community of like-minded gamers. That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to agree with one another (or me) all the time. Criticism and debate are encouraged, but blatant hostility or trolling will not be tolerated. If you’re looking to participate the discussion, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or join the Discord channel.

Topics may shift overtime as I discover new games and ways to enjoy the real world. Overall, I intend to share my experience as a fully-functional adult to help you, the reader, lead a more enriching life. And maybe set a few new high scores.