Hearthstone Season 39 Summary

Hearthstone Season 39 Overview

Hearthstone Season 39 has come to a close! This season was a special one for me as I decided to switch gears from an emphasis on Arena and card collection to competitive Wild play.

After having so much fun competing in the inaugural Hearthstone Wild Open, I wanted to prove that my Top 16 finish in the tournament wasn’t a fluke. I had reached Legend Rank in the past, but never took Ranked play very seriously. This season, however, I really enjoyed my transition into Wild and had a good amount success with Secret Mage peaking at Rank 2 Legend.

Arena took the backseat and my stats showed it. Typically, I average around six wins per Arena run, which dropped by a full win to a 4.9 win average. Despite this, I still managed to get good value from my arena rewards.

Hearthstone Season 39 Wild Ladder Stats

The Wild Ladder was my main focus for Season 39, as can be seen by the number of games played. It took me some time to settle on a deck to play for most of my Legend climb, and my winrate reflects this. Eventually, I hit Legend with Pirate Warrior but spent much of my Legend Rank games playing Secret Mage, boasting a 67% winrate with the deck.

Season 39 Winrates

Season 39 Wild Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Mage
  • Class Faced Most: Warrior
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 39 Wild Deck Spotlight

Secret Mage was a powerhouse of a deck in Season 39, largely due to its ability to feed on Quest Rogue. With the upcoming nerf, this may impact the deck’s performance in Season 40, especially when coupled with its already terrible matchup against Pirate Warrior. The deck does, however, still have good matchups against most Shamans, Warlocks, and other Mages.

Wild Secret Mage

Season 39 Secret Mage Winrates

  • Season 39 Winrate: 67%
  • Legend Winrate: 67%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 2 Legend

Wild Secret Mage Class Breakdown

Season 39 Secret Mage Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Paladin
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter
  • Best Matchup: Rogue
  • Worst Matchup: Warrior

Hearthstone Season 39 Arena Stats

Normally an avid Arena grinder, I decided to step away from the game mode for the month of June. As a result, I only completed 12 runs with a fairly poor 4.9 win average. Still, maintaining this number of wins per run is enough to net positive rewards, so I can’t complain too much.

Season 39 Arena Results

Hearthstone Season 39 Arena Wins

  • Numer of Runs: 12
  • Average Wins: 4.9
  • Winrate: 62%
  • Best Run: 11-3 (Warlock)
  • Best Matchup: Warlock
  • Worst Matchup: Hunter

Class Frequencies

  • Most Played Class: Mage
  • Class Faced Most: Mage
  • Class Faced Least: Warrior


  • Average Gold: 85.83
  • Average Dust: 6.25
  • Average Packs: 1.08
  • Average Cards: 0.5
  • Average Golden Cards: 0.08

Hearthstone Season 40 Goals


In Season 40, I’d like to continue pushing ranks on the Wild Ladder, ideally reaching Rank 1 Legend at some point in the season. Additionally, having finished in the Top 20 last season, a Top 15 end of season rank is the goal for July.


With a new expansion coming out, performing better in the Arena will be necessary for stockpiling gold for packs (and more arena runs) come release. My goal for Arena in July is to average 6 wins per run.

How did you fare in Season 39? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

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