Hearthstone Season 40 Summary

Hearthstone Season 40 Overview

Hearthstone Season 40 has come to a close! This season I reached Rank 1 Legend for the first time ever! I hit a pretty impressive streak to finish my climb to Legend and continue streaking to the number one spot. Granted, my reign did not last long (less than 24 hours, in fact) but it was fun for a time.

In Arena, I managed to return to form thanks to an early Legend finish and the arrival of the Frost Festival. As a result, I was able to stockpile a fair amount of resources in preparation for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

All that said, the grind of competitive play the past few seasons has worn on me a little. I’d to take a month or two to have some fun with the game without the pressure of performing to a certain level. Instead, I’ll put more time and effort into exploring new decks, classes, and win conditions.

Hearthstone Season 40 Wild Ladder Stats

Once again, the Wild Ladder was my main focus for Season 40, as can be seen by the number of games played. This season, however, I locked in a high Legend rank on North America (NA) early in the month. As a result, most of my games were played on the Europe (EU) server. This being the second month I’ve attempted to climb the ladder with my EU account, my card pool was extremely limited. Despite this, I managed to grind out enough wins to reach Legend.

Season 40 Wild Win Rates

  • Season 40 Win Rate: 60%
  • Legend Win Rate: 52% 
  • NA Win Rate: 61%
  • EU Win Rate: 59%
  • NA Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 1 Legend
  • NA End of Season Rank Achieved: Rank 11 Legend
  • EU Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 119 Legend
  • EU End of Season Rank Achieved: Dumpster Legend
  • Best Deck: Aggro Token Druid

Season 40 Wild Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Druid
  • Class Faced Most: Warrior
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 40 Wild Deck Spotlight

Aggro Token Druid gave an impressive performance in Season 40. With Innervate the deck is capable of extremely aggressive openers that can overrun opponents in the first few turns. The addition of Living Mana gives Token Druid some staying power against board clears.

Several variants of Token Druid are viable in the Wild Meta right now, thanks to the strength of Mark of the Lotus. On the NA server, I climbed to Rank 1 Legend with a Murloc version. With a limited card pool on EU, I still managed to reach Legend with a budget Egg Druid I scrounged together.

Wild Aggro Token Druid

  • Season 40 Win Rate: 61%
  • Legend Win Rate: 52%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 1 Legend

Wild Aggro Token Druid Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Warrior
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter 
  • Best Match Up: Hunter
  • Worst Match Up: Priest

Hearthstone Season 40 Arena Stats

In July I faired a little better than last season, averaging just over 5.5 wins in arena. However, in an attempt to better learn to evaluate cards, I’ve moved away from using HearthArena. While I think the tool is fantastic and should certainly be used by newer players, I wanted to get a bit more out of the draft portion of Arena.

I’m still not yet back to my old Arena form, but my average wins are moving in the right direction. My numbers are a bit padded this month due to inexperienced players getting free runs in the Frost Festival. A handful of really poor runs tanked my average a little but, fortunately, a few 12 (showing as 11 with the event) win runs helped salvage the month.

Season 40 Arena Results

  • Number of Runs: 31
  • Average Wins: 5.6*
  • Win Rate: 67%
  • Best Run: 12-2 (Paladin)
  • Best Match Up: Priest (89%)
  • Worst Match Up: Warrior (40%)
*For the sake of fair comparisons, this excludes the free win that was granted during the Frost Festival.

Class Frequencies

  • Most Played Class: Paladin (39%)
  • Class Faced Most: Paladin (29%)
  • Class Faced Least: Warrior (2%)


Rewards this month are a bit inflated from the Frost Festival granting an additional win. However, an average of nearly 130 gold per run means that I essentially paid 20 gold for each Arena. Considering the two free entries into Arena this month, and the fact that Gold and Dust are fungible, Season 40 was essentially a free ride in Arena for me.

  • Average Gold: 129.83
  • Average Dust: 12.67
  • Average Packs: 1
  • Average Cards: 0.37
  • Average Golden Cards: 0.13 

Hearthstone Season 41 Goals


I played quite a few games in Season 40 and could probably use a change of pace in the game. In Season 41, I’d like to spend some time enjoying the climb to Legend rather than pushing hard at the beginning of the season. I’m looking forward to the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne and don’t want to be too down on the game come launch. As a result, my goals involve spending time exploring different decks instead of chasing ranks. My EU account will likely take a backseat during this season as I goof around a bit on NA.


With a new expansion coming out, continuing to perform well in the in the Arena will be helpful in stockpiling gold for packs (and more arena runs) come release. My goal for Arena in August is to return an average of 6 wins per run.

How did you fare in Season 40? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.