Hearthstone Season 41 Summary

Hearthstone Season 41 Overview

Another Hearthstone Season in the books! This Hearthstone Season 41 Summary will take you through my personal experiences and statistics in Standard, Wild, and Arena for August 2017.

Hearthstone Season 41 introduced the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and, along with it, several new cards and decks to test! Expansion releases are an exciting time in any game and this season was no different.

Thanks to the introduction of new cards, I had the opportunity to explore different ways to enjoy constructed Hearthstone, Budget decks gave me a little more insight into the new player experience and Exodia Mage forced me to work through difficult plays to achieve glorious one turn kills.

On top of new cards, unlocking the new Arthas hero portrait made for a couple stimulating evenings. If you’re having trouble taking down the Lich King yourself, the answer is, as always, Murlocs.

Exploration of new content didn’t take too much away from my competitive play in Season 41. A strong showing from Aggro Token Druid allowed me to reach Legend in both Standard and Wild this month.

Hearthstone Season 41 Standard Ladder Stats

While doing research for deck guides for Hearthstone Top Decks, I spent a lot of Season 41 on the Standard ladder. As a result, I managed to hit Legend near the end of the season.

Immediately following the Knights of the Frozen throne release, I spent time testing and refining budget decks. While this experience was fun, it did skew my stats in the format quite a bit. The limited card pool I was working with presented more of a challenge than I was anticipating and it showed in my results. I did, however, find several decks that require no Epics, Legendaries, or Adventure cards to rank up. Budget decks easily took me to Rank 7 before I shifted my attention to other endeavors.

In addition to my budget deck tinkering, I played several games of Exodia Mage, this month’s Standard Deck Spotlight, in order to prepare an extensive guide on the uniquely challenging deck.

To no one’s surprise, I’m sure, my most successful deck was Aggro Token Druid which may be the most powerful archetype in the format. I would recommend this deck, in particular, to anyone looking to rank up quickly in Season 42.

Season 41 Standard Win Rates

Hearthstone Season 41 Standard Win Rates

  • Season 41 Standard Win Rate: 53%
  • Standard Legend Win Rate: 52%
  • Highest Standard Rank Achieved: Rank 2441 Legend
  • End of Season Standard Rank Achieved: Rank ?? Legend
  • Best Standard Deck: Aggro Token Druid

Season 41 Standard Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 41 Standard Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Druid
  • Class Faced Most: Druid
  • Class Faced Least: Warlock

Hearthstone Season 41 Standard Deck Spotlight

This season’s Standard Deck Spotlight is Exodia Mage. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Exodia” is a term borrowed from Yu-Gi-Oh that describes a strategy in which the player assembles a specific combination of cards that immediately ends the game. In Hearthstone, Exodia Mage attempts to combine the powers of 2x Sorcerer's Apprentice, 2x Molten Reflection, and Archmage Antonidas to hurl infinite Fireballs at your opponent’s face for as much damage as is needed.

With the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, hyper-aggressive game plans are less common. As a result, Exodia Mage has several strong match ups against several popular decks on the Standard Ladder. Control Warlock, Jade Druid, and Highlander Priest, in particular, usually give Exodia Mage plenty of time to set up an easy kill.

Like most combo decks, Exodia Mage is quite difficult to pilot, so be sure to read this guide before taking the deck into Ranked Play.

Exodia Mage

Hearthstone Season 41 Exodia Mage Win Rates

  • Exodia Mage Season 41 Win Rate: 54%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 3

Exodia Mage Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 41 Exodia Mage Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Druid
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter 
  • Best Matchup: Priest
  • Worst Matchup: Warrior

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Ladder Stats

As usual, my primary focus for Season 41 was the Wild Ladder. Unlike most seasons, however, I spent some time at Rank 5 goofing around with meme decks. This contributed to a lower than typical win rate overall but made for a significantly more fun climb.

The low population in the Wild format is becoming increasingly concerning. While I thoroughly enjoy much of what the format offers, the fact that I only played about 13 games at Legend ranks and still finished in the Top 10 of Wild is pretty silly.

This season, while not taking things quite as seriously as I have in the past, I peaked at Rank 3 Legend with Aggro Token Druid, which is once again this season’s Wild Deck Spotlight.

Season 41 Wild Win Rates

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Win Rates

  • Season 41 Wild Win Rate: 58%
  • Wild Legend Win Rate: 83% 
  • Highest Wild Rank Achieved: Rank 3 Legend
  • End of Season Wild Rank Achieved: Rank 8 Legend
  • Best Wild Deck: Aggro Token Druid

Season 41 Wild Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Mage
  • Class Faced Most: Warrior
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Deck Spotlight

This month’s Wild Deck Spotlight is Aggro Token Druid. As in Standard, this deck is well-positioned for the current state of the Wild ladder. While the deck gained very little from Knights of the Frozen Throne, shifts in the new expansion meta are to the benefit of the deck. Many players are toying with the new additions to Jade Druid and Reno Priest. Aggro Token Druid has enough explosive potential to overrun these slower archetypes, especially as players search for the most refined lists. Aggro Token Druid, as always, has a positive win rate against the omnipresent Pirate Warrior as well.

In August, the Murloc variant once again propelled me to the top of the Legend ranks, this time peaking at Rank 3 Legend with a 15 game win streak. Overall, I have just under a 70% win rate with the deck through over 150 games.

Wild Aggro Token Druid

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Aggro Token Druid

  • Season 41 Win Rate: 82%
  • Legend Win Rate: 83%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 3 Legend

Wild Aggro Token Druid Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 41 Wild Aggro Token Druid Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Druid
  • Class Faced Least: Mage/Rogue/Shaman 
  • Best Match Up: Druid
  • Worst Match Up: Warrior

Hearthstone Season 41 Arena Stats

My arena stats continued to improve in August, averaging 6.6 wins in the game mode. I’ve continued avoiding the use of HearthArena and, as a result, was well-prepared to evaluate the new cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne. My experiments in constructed did not allow me to get in as many runs as I’d like, but I still played enough matches to achieve a reasonable sample for the month. My good results are due, in large part, to a lower ratio of bad runs (<3 wins) to quality runs (>7 wins).

In particular, I continue to have great success with Paladin in the format, averaging 8 wins per run this month with back-to-back 12 win runs. It would take a lot to convince me that Uther is not the strongest Hero in Arena right now.

My rewards continue to improve month-over-month in lockstep with my average wins. In August, I averaged over 145 gold per run (without the benefit of the Frost Festival), getting ever closer to truly infinite Arena runs.

Season 41 Arena Results

  • Number of Runs: 14
  • Average Wins: 6.6
  • Win Rate: 70%
  • Best Run: 12-2 (Paladin)
  • Best Matchup: Warlock (86%)
  • Worst Matchup: Hunter (40%)

Season 41 Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 41 Arena Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Paladin (43%)
  • Class Faced Most: Mage (21%)
  • Class Faced Least: Warrior (3%)

Average Rewards

  • Gold: 145
  • Dust: 7.86
  • Packs: 1
  • Cards: 0.36
  • Golden Cards: 0.29 

Hearthstone Season 42 Goals


Next season, I’d like to hit Legend in Standard a little earlier in the season. My late climb made it difficult to position myself for a high finish in the format. Standard will always take a backseat to Wild, but I still enjoy keeping up with the meta in Hearthstone’s more popular format. Playing at higher ranks offers the opportunity to more effectively test decks I’m writing guides for and, as a result, create better content.


The Wild format in Hearthstone will be my top gaming priority for the foreseeable future. I truly enjoy much of what Wild has to offer and will continue to chase high end of season finishes. In Season 42, my goal is to again end up in the Top 20 of the Wild leader board.

On top of that, I’d like to produce more content related to the format that I love. The Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List is the first example of this, but I believe that more guides can help increase the player population, which the format desperately needs.


Time spent gaming is a zero sum game. A renewed emphasis in the Standard format means I have to reduce play elsewhere. Unfortunately, this likely means fewer Arena runs. That said, I’d still like to complete at least 15 runs and maintain an average of more than 6 wins per run. Given that I’m used to finishing more than 30 Arenas per month, cutting this amount in half should free up more time for constructed play.

How did you fare in Season 41? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

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