Hearthstone Season 42 Summary

Hearthstone Season 42 Overview

Hearthstone Season 42 is a wrap! My season overview will take you through my results in Standard, Wild, and Arena for the month of September 2017.

Season 42 got off to a great start, with an early Wild Legend climb and another stint at Rank 1 Legend. However, a streak of boredom overtook me and, soon after reaching the top of the Ladder, I was overwhelmed with the desire to play bad decks. The result was a deep tanking into the dumpster Legend ranks, along with a whole lot of fun times.

Goofing off in Wild for much of the season meant that I didn’t have much time for Standard and Arena. That said, I was able to find some easy wins in Standard with Hybrid Hunter, this month’s featured deck.

At the end of the month, work travels made it difficult to shoot for another top finish, but I did find a fair amount of success with Secret Mage and Aggro Shaman before calling it quits for the month. An extremely early bedtime the night of the season reset had me somewhere around the Top 100 in Wild.

My time spent playing bad decks made me realize I was a bit burnt out on competitive play. Though I still enjoy Hearthstone in general, I’ll likely be taking a break from pushing high finishes

Hearthstone Season 42 Standard Ladder Stats

I played far fewer games in Standard this season than the last but still managed to climb the ladder efficiently. While my overall win rate wasn’t fantastic, I had quite a bit more success on ladder while traveling and playing games on my phone.

Warrior, in particular, seemed to find quite a lot of success even after the nerf to Fiery War Axe. Likewise, Hybrid Hunter, which is this month’s deck spotlight, stood out at higher ranks.

I didn’t get nearly enough games in to make my way to Legend but did manage to finish above Rank 4 after getting some games in from my hotel room while traveling for work.

Season 42 Standard Win Rates

  • Season 42 Standard Win Rate: 55%
  • Standard Legend Win Rate: —%
  • Highest Standard Rank Achieved: Rank 4
  • End of Season Standard Rank Achieved: Rank 4
  • Best Standard Deck: Hybrid Hunter

Season 42 Standard Class Breakdown

Season 42 Standard Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Hunter/Shaman
  • Class Faced Most: Druid
  • Class Faced Least: Mage

Hearthstone Season 42 Standard Deck Spotlight

Hybrid Hunter is a deck that blends the strategies of Face Hunter and Midrange Hunter. The result is a potent deck with the flexibility to rush down opponents with enough sustain to account for the late game. As an archetype, Hybrid Hunter has been around for some time, but it has seen a recent resurgence on the Standard ladder.

In general, the deck looks to get off to an aggressive start with early minion pressure. Typically, this strategy is weak to board clears, but the high end of the curve is enough for Hybrid Hunter to continue pumping out damage. Additionally, the burst potential from Hybrid Hunter makes it possible to close games that Midrange might find itself coming up just short of finishing.

While the stats I was able to track this season are fairly limited, the deck carried me pretty far the last week of the season. The aggressive nature of the list was perfect for squeezing in games from my hotel room before the terrible WiFi dropped out.

Hybrid Hunter Win Rates

Season 42 Hybrid Hunter Win Rates

  • Hybrid Hunter Season 42 Win Rate: 62%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 4

Hybrid Hunter Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Hunter
  • Class Faced Least: Mage
  • Best Matchup: Paladin
  • Worst Matchup: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 42 Wild Ladder Stats

My Wild Ladder stats are a bit of a mess this past season. Early on, I made a quick trek to Legend earning me the Rank 1 spot for a short period of time. As usual, Aggro Token Druid carried me to high ranks with relative ease. In preparation for upcoming nerfs, however, I started testing new decks with less than ideal results. Consequently, I dropped deep into the dumpster and became hopelessly addicted to playing bad decks like Small-Time Anyfin Paladin (yes, really).

In the end, I’m not too concerned with how I finished this season. Playing new decks was a lot more fun than mindlessly grinding ranks as I’ve done the past few months. I had enough stress in my life with the cross-country trip and didn’t need to pile on a Ladder grind at the end of September.

Season 42 Wild Win Rates

Season 42 Wild Class Breakdown

Season 42 Wild Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Druid
  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Rogue

Hearthstone Season 42 Wild Deck Spotlight

This month’s Wild Deck Spotlight is Secret Mage. Despite not boasting as impressive a win rate as is typical for a featured deck, all games were played at Legend ranks. Additionally, several games were played while traveling and, therefore, could not be tracked.

Either way, the primary reason for the deck’s feature is the matchup against Priest. While meta reports suggest the matchup isn’t quite as good as my personal win rate suggest (over the course of several seasons) both Combo Priest and Reno Priest are very winnable. Additionally, nerfs to Token Druid and Pirate Warrior, historically terrible matchups for the deck, may leave Secret Mage in a good spot moving forward. Likewise, the two Aggro decks I expect to be popular in coming seasons, Shaman and Prince Rogue, should pose less of a problem for the deck.

Wild Secret Mage

  • Season 42 Win Rate: 53%
  • Legend Win Rate: 53%
  • Highest Rank Achieved: Rank 131 Legend

Wild Secret Mage Class Breakdown

  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Shaman 
  • Best Match Up: Priest
  • Worst Match Up: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 42 Arena Stats

In Arena, I didn’t quite hit the mark I was shooting for in September both in terms of both average wins and number of results. The aforementioned work trip meant I spent about a week away from Hearthstone and simply didn’t have the time to grind Arena in Season 42.

Despite not reaching my goals for wins, my rewards were still quite good in September and Arena continues to be a good time investment to maintain my free-to-play lifestyle.


Season 42 Arena Results

  • Number of Runs: 11
  • Average Wins: 5.3
  • Win Rate: 64%
  • Best Run: 11-3 (Shaman)
  • Best Matchup: Shaman (100%)
  • Worst Matchup: Hunter (50%)

Season 42 Arena Class Breakdown

  • Most Played Class: Rogue
  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Shaman

Season 42 Arena Average Rewards

  • Gold: 125.45
  • Dust: 9.09
  • Packs: 1
  • Cards: 0
  • Golden Cards:

Hearthstone Season 43 Goals


In the upcoming season, Standard will take a bit more of a backseat as I work on delivering on more Wild Hearthstone content. As with most seasons, I’ll still play in the format for deck testing and quest completion, but it will be deprioritized until I wrap up a few outstanding tasks for the website. Reaching Rank 5 is typically easy enough, but I don’t plan to push much farther than that.


Season 42 made me realize how burnt out I’ve been on mindless climbing the Wild Ladder. My time spent goofing around with bad decks was more enjoyable than pushing ranks last season, despite the impact it had on my rank. As such, I want to focus less on competitive play and explore new ways to enjoy Hearthstone.

In the upcoming season, I want to instead push myself to create quality Wild Hearthstone content for new players. Part of that means providing options for players who don’t have much gold or dust. In October, I’ll be challenging myself to climb to Legend with Budget decks that exclude Legendary, Epic, and Adventure cards. To make things a little more difficult, I’ll be playing all nine classes evenly to ensure that I have at least one viable deck for each.

Stay posted for the decklists and details about my results!


Frequently, Arena provides a nice outlet for me when I’m frustrated with stagnant constructed metagames. While the current meta is far from solved, running into the same decks game after game gets annoying. In Season 43, I’ll continue to play some Arena games to free myself of the repetition that is more common in constructed. The nature of limited formats makes gameplay a bit more variable and offers an escape from the mundane. (The rewards don’t hurt either). In October, my goal is to continue chasing truly infinite Arena play while maintaining at least 15 runs per month.

How did you fare in Season 42? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

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