Hearthstone Season 45 Summary

Hearthstone Season 45 Overview

Hearthstone Season 45 is finished! December 2017 was another busy month but, as usual, I was able to squeeze enough quite a lot of Hearthstone gameplay.

Most of my time this season was spent grinding my way up the Wild Hearthstone ladder. After receiving some new cards in Kobolds and Catacombs, I quickly began tinkering with new decks. Many of the cards I anticipated would be powerful lived up to my high expectations of them. Eventually, I managed to work my way up to Rank 8 Legend, enough to secure another Top 10 finish on the Wild Leaderboard.

Arena, this season, didn’t quite work out as well for me. Despite the release of a new expansion, typically a time I prey on inexperienced Arena players, my win average was pretty abysmal. Kobolds and Catacombs shook up the Hearthstone Arena metagame a lot more than I anticipated. My failure to adjust accordingly was apparent in my embarrassing win rate.

Hearthstone Season 45 Wild Ladder Stats

In December 2017, most of my Hearthstone gaming was spent in Wild Ranked Play.

Early in the season, I spent some time testing out new cards, decks, and archetypes (as you may notice from the rather scattered assortment of classes played below). Eventually, I began to settle on two main classes: Paladin and Priest. (Coincidentally, these were my two main classes back in my World of Warcraft days.)

I tested several Paladin archetypes in Season 45 but, undoubtedly, the most powerful was Aggro Paladin. While Call to Arms is broken enough to fit into nearly any Paladin archetype, it’s just absolutely nuts in this deck. In Wild, the synergy the card has with both Ship's Cannon and Knife Juggler leads to incredible explosive turns. After focusing my time on this deck, I quickly climbed to Rank 5.

Soon, players began to catch on and realized the strength of Aggro Paladin. As a result, I started running into walls of [Voidlords] that I couldn’t make my way through. After a bit of frustration, I adjusted my tactics and queued up some games with Big Priest. To my surprise, the deck was quite fun to pilot (who doesn’t like a board full of T H I C C minions?) and performed extremely well. Thanks to a strong streak of Barnes on turn four, I was Legend in what felt like no time.

After some additional deck testing at Legend Ranks, I returned to Big Priest and reached Rank 8 Legend before calling it quits for the season.

Season 45 Wild Win Rates

Hearthstone Season 45

  • Season 45 Wild Win Rate: 57%
  • Wild Legend Win Rate: 60% 
  • Highest Wild Rank Achieved: Rank 8 Legend
  • End of Season Wild Rank Achieved: Rank 8 Legend
  • Best Wild Deck: Big Priest (67%)

Season 45 Wild Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 45

  • Most Played Class: Paladin
  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Hunter

Hearthstone Season 45 Arena Stats

Arena, on the other hand, was a much different story. Typically, Hearthstone expansion releases are a great time for me in Hearthstone’s sealed format. Often, I can take advantage of Arena novices looking to use the arena to score some free card packs.

This month, however, I fell firmly into the Arena novice camp. Early on, especially, I struggled to find wins in the format. Old favorites Rogue, Mage, and Paladin were no longer the Arena powerhouses they once were. Later, I did catch on and began to join in on the dominance of Hunter and Priest but, by then, it was too late to recover from my dreadful average wins.

The result of my bad start in Arena was an atrocious 4.6 win average. Worse yet, my best run was a measly 9 wins with Priest. These poor results are apparent in my rewards, dropping significantly compared to past months.

Season 45 Arena Results

Hearthstone Season 45

  • Number of Runs: 21
  • Average Wins: 4.6
  • Win Rate: 60%
  • Best Run: 9-3 (Priest)
  • Best Matchup: Warlock (72%)
  • Worst Matchup: Shaman (40%)

Season 45 Arena Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 45

  • Most Played Class: Rogue
  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Warrior

Season 45 Arena Average Rewards

  • Gold: 89.76
  • Dust: 10.48
  • Packs: 1
  • Cards: 0.14
  • Golden Cards:

Hearthstone Season 46 Goals

In the upcoming month, I’d like to continue my emphasis on producing quality Wild Hearthstone-related content. As usual, this may mean a reduction in my competitive ambitions, but I think the change in priorities will be beneficial.

With that in mind, my content goal is to produce a monthly roundup of decks that I’ve been playing recently. This new, regular segment on the site will premiere January 2018 and contain a three to four decks I’ve spent some time refining. The vision I have for this monthly feature is to include decklists, their corresponding deck codes, a brief summary of my experience with the deck, and my corresponding statistics.


Directly related to the above ambitions will be a decrease in my expectations on the Wild Hearthstone Ladder. Season 44 did include a somewhat unintentional high finish, but will not likely be the start of another trend. Instead, I’d like to explore new decks and archetypes in order to produce unique content, rather than dedicate myself to grinding meaningless ranks. A Top 50 finish shouldn’t be too difficult, nor will it take up too much of my time.


Arena has been my secondary format for some time now and, unless I feel compelled to begin producing content on the topic, will remain as such. Still, as a free-to-play gamer, it is a useful means of accumulating Hearthstone card packs without spending any real money.

How did you fare in Season 45? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

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