Hearthstone Season 46 Summary

Hearthstone Season 46 Overview

Hearthstone Season 46 is finished! January 2018 has come to a close and, once again, I’m here to recap my Hearthstone season.

As always, you’ll find my stats for the Hearthstone Wild Ladder and Arena, along with a summary of the season and my plans for the upcoming month.

Hearthstone Season 46 Announcements

January was an exciting month for Hearthstone as several changes were announced! I’ve mentioned a few of them on the site and hope to keep readers up to date with some of the important happenings in Hearthstone along with some quick notes sharing my perspective. You can find some early iterations in the Hearthstone News section of the site!

Patch 10.2 Balance Changes

If you haven’t yet heard, Blizzard recently announced the details of the long-awaited balance changes. This patch is set to go live early in February and should shake things up pretty drastically. Personally, I think the changes are largely positive and, despite some cards potentially being overlooked or overdue, sets a strong precedent for the Wild Format moving forward.

That said, it’s been hard to find much motivation to play constructed while waiting for the release of the next patch. Hopefully, a new, more diverse metagame will reinvigorate my Hearthstone libido.

Upcoming Ladder Changes

Perhaps more exciting than the balance changes are the updates to Ranked play. Starting in March 2018, players will reset a mere 4 ranks behind their peak rank in the previous season. This means substantially fewer games will be required to reach Legend in a season. Likewise, new and lower ranked players won’t have to suffer through a week or two Legend-caliber players infesting their ranks.

Generally, I think this is another good change for Hearthstone. To be honest, I’ve been burnt out on the length of the Ladder grind lately. The sheer tediousness of ascending ranks takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Soon, Legend players will be able to compete for real ranks much earlier in the season.

All that said, I hope this is only a temporary fix to the larger ladder problem. In the long run, I’d prefer to have Hearthstone shift towards a tiered rating system over the current ranking system. I believe this would solve many of the same issues that this change was targeting but have better long-term implications. A post on this topic is something I’ve been kicking around lately and may be forthcoming.

Hearthstone Season 46 Wild Ladder Stats

February 2018 was a month of ups and downs for me on the Wild Ladder. After a slow, lazy grind to Legend at about the midway point in the season, I started playing some meme decks and tanked my rank a bit. Shortly thereafter, I easily climbed my way back into the Top 10 with a combination of Big Priest and Secret Mage.

Unconcerned with my end of season rank, I continued jamming games after peaking at Rank 6 Legend on the NA server. After a streak of breaking even and slowly falling in ranks as a result, I hit a massive cold streak and plummeted out of the Top 100. Then, once again, I clawed my way back into the Top 50 with Reno Priest. My success was again short-lived, however, as I hit another bad streak and fell out of contention for a leaderboard finish in the last couple days. Real life, as it tends to do, preventing me from climbing on the final day of the season, but I was so tilted by my recent struggles that I had no motivation to do so anyway.

Season 46 Wild Win Rates

Hearthstone Season 46

  • Season 46 Wild Win Rate: 56%
  • Wild Legend Win Rate: 60% 
  • Highest Wild Rank Achieved: Rank 6 Legend
  • End of Season Wild Rank Achieved: Dumpster Legend
  • Best Wild Deck: Big Priest (59%)

Season 46 Wild Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 46

  • Most Played Class: Warrior
  • Class Faced Most: Priest
  • Class Faced Least: Shaman

Hearthstone Season 46 Arena Stats

With the rollercoaster ride that was my Ranked Play season in January, there was little time to spend in the Arena. As a result, I only managed to eek out 6 runs in the 31-day month. The lack of time spent in the format was readily-apparent in my poor results, barely averaging more than 4 wins per run.

Throughout the Kobolds and Catacombs meta, I’ve had a hard time in Arena. I’m not sure if my dwindling attention to Arena or a poor grasp on the cards in the set, but I can’t seem to manage even moderate success since the latest expansion. I look forward to the next set release and the Standard rotation bringing a much more narrow card pool in Arena. I’m not sure it’ll bring my numbers back up, but it certainly couldn’t drop them any lower.

Season 46 Arena Results

Hearthstone Season 46

  • Number of Runs: 6
  • Average Wins: 4.5
  • Win Rate: 60%
  • Best Run: 8-3 (Druid)
  • Best Matchup: Rogue (100%)
  • Worst Matchup: Shaman (0%)

Season 46 Arena Class Breakdown

Hearthstone Season 46

  • Most Played Class: Druid & Warlock
  • Class Faced Most: Priest & Hunter
  • Class Faced Least: Warrior

Season 46 Arena Average Rewards

  • Gold: 72.5
  • Dust: 13.33
  • Packs: 1
  • Cards: 0.33
  • Golden Cards: 0.17 

Hearthstone Season 47 Goals

Despite the prospect of so many great quality of life changes in the future, my plans still remain heavily focused on content creation rather than competitive play. Specifically, I have some exciting updates planned for the Wild Hearthstone Tier List and have begun a long-term project including the addition of several Wild budget decks included in the deck guides section of this site.

Eventually, my goal is to get one deck for each class, but you can find the decks already posted below:


With the upcoming Ladder changes, I’m honestly not in a big hurry to tryhard come February. The fact that this will be the last time I start a season at Rank 16 is certainly a relief, but it also makes it difficult to smash that Play Wild button early in the season.

Rather than focus on end of season ranks, I’d like to spend Season 47 testing and refining a diverse set of decks for the recently introduced Roffle’s Roundup feature on the site. Too often, I get into a habit of queuing up the same deck for a substantial part of the season. Adding a little variety will likely be more entertaining for my readers, viewers, and myself. As such, the goal is to reach a minimum of 50 games with at least four different decks.


In coming months, I’d like to expand my content to include more Arena-specific articles. Like Wild, I feel Arena is a bit lacking in terms of regular content and, given my history with the format, I feel I could contribute towards this need. A prerequisite of this goal will be to complete more Arena runs in the coming months to reintroduce myself to the limited format. As such, a minimum of 10 quality runs is my goal for the month of February 2018.

How did you fare in Season 46? Any goals for the upcoming season? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

All charts and statistics in this article are courtesy of Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

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