July 2017 Training Log

Every month I post a log of my training so I can be held accountable and readers can follow my progress. Logs are meant to be insightful and inspiring, rather than boastful or arrogant.

July 2017

Once again, I spent much of the month of July traveling. Despite this, I managed to maintain consistent training throughout the month. I have continued to make improvements in both body composition and performance, but my sleep habits continue to need work. In upcoming months, I will need to make it a priority to get proper rest each night.

Body Composition Averages

As the second month of posting my Training Logs, changes from the prior month will henceforth be recorded with the Delta fields.

Body composition numbers continue to improve. In the month of July, I managed to drop over two pounds while shedding nearly a quarter inch around my waistline. Both body fat and water percentage stayed fairly consistent from June, which is to be expected.

Weight: 210.55 lbs.

Weight Delta: -2.11 lbs.

Body Fat: 14.52%*

Body Fat Delta: -0.05%

Water: 58.99%*

Water Delta: -0.07%

Waist: 33.26 inches

Waist Delta: -0.28 inches

*Body Fat and Water percentages are measured with a Bioelectrical Impedance Scale which, while convenient, can be inaccurate. Numbers here are meant to provide estimates and should not be considered precise values.

New High Scores

Slow, incremental progress is critical for any successful training plan. Mine is no different, and every month I plan to improve upon three main kettlebell movements: snatch, turkish getups, and the cook drill.

In July, I made progress across the board, managing to reach new personal bests in time for the Snatch and Cook Drill. As someone who is not used to much endurance work, the last couple minutes of these sessions have been a challenge. Soon, however, I will reach my goal of 30 EMOM Snatch sets and start a new cycle of training with a larger kettlebell.


The Kettlebell Snatch is my main conditioning tool. During snatch sessions, I perform 5 repetitions every minute and rest for the remainder of the minute while switching hands every other minute. Progress is measured by the total amount of time/reps in a session, eventually increasing the kettlebell size after reaching 30 minutes/sets.


Kettlebell Turkish Getups, sometimes paired with a Bent Press and/or Windmill, are my main strength movement. Five sets are performed in each sessions, switching sides after each rep is performed. Progress is made by chaining additional movements together and increasing the weight of the kettlebell. Each strength session alternates between Heavy and Light to avoid overtraining and remain fresh.


The Cook Drill is used as a recovery day following conditioning and strength sessions. A snatch size kettlebell is used for half the duration of the most recent snatch session. At no time is the kettlebell dropped during the drill.

Snatch: 26 minutes (130 total reps) with a 28kg kettlebell.

Turkish Getup: 3 Turkish Getups (each arm) chained into a Bent Press and Windmill with a 44kg kettlebell.

Cook Drill: 13 minutes with a 28kg kettlebell.


I don’t track calories, so there aren’t any hard numbers to report here. However, body composition improvements are the result of nutrition more than anything else. As such, progress in body composition can be used as a proxy for diet.

My continued progress in improving my body composition suggests that my recent travels haven’t affected my diet. In general, I eat nutrient dense foods leaning towards a lower carbohydrate intake while practicing Intermittent Fasting.


As in June, sleep was poor during the month of July. In an attempt to combat this, I began tracking my sleep using Sleep as Android. This app monitors your sleep and generates reports on Duration, Deep Sleep Percentage, and a self-assessed Rating of sleep on a 1 to 5 scale.

Tracking my sleep made some improvements early on, but it didn’t take long for me to fall back into bad habits. As with body composition metrics, I will continue to monitor changes from month to month.

Duration: 07:46:40

Deep Sleep: 52.33%

Rating: 1.83

Full Training Log

July 2017 Training Log

Upcoming Goals

Body Composition

As I continue to progress towards my body composition goals, progress will become slower and slower each month. Dropping one pound per month should be a good pace at this point in my journey. My goal for next month is to weigh in at an average of 209.5 lbs.


Before starting my next training cycle, I’d like to set some benchmark numbers in the five minute snatch test and max weight kettlebell press. While regular progress in training is crucial, having these benchmarks is important to determining the carryover of my training to performance goals.


In the past month, I’ve make some changes to my diet for the better. Specifically, foods that typically lead to overindulgence have been limited. I would like this trend to in August as I continue dialing in my food intake.

That said, a busy schedule has led to some poor habits. In particular, I haven’t been including enough vegetables in my diet recently. To correct this, I’d like to return to eating at least a couple servings of veggies each meal.


This is the most critical change I need to make next months. Sleep needs to be tracked more thoroughly and given priority over my last few games of Hearthstone. Averaging at least 8 hours of sleep per night with 55% of it in deep sleep is the goal.

How was your training for the month of July? Any big PRs? Have goals for next month? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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