June 2017 Training Log

Every month I post a log of my training so I can be held accountable and readers can follow my progress. Logs are meant to be insightful and inspiring, rather than boastful or arrogant.

June 2017

June 2017 marks the first month of posting my training logs on the site. As such, these numbers set a baseline for the months to come.

Overall, my training was fairly consistent in June, despite traveling half of the weekends in the month. As a result, I was able to make fairly substantial progress in both performance and body composition.

Body Composition Averages

With summer in full swing, body composition numbers have been improving in recent months. From the start of the year, I’m down over five pounds and a half inch around the waistline without losing any strength.

Weight: 212.66

Body Fat: 14.57%*

Water: 59.06%*

Waist: 33.54

*Body Fat and Water percentages are measured with a Bioelectrical Impedance Scale which, while convenient, can be inaccurate. Numbers here are meant to provide estimates and should not be considered precise values.

New High Scores

Slow, incremental progress is critical for any successful training plan. Mine is no different, and every month I plan to improve upon three main kettlebell movements: snatch, turkish getups, and the cook drill.


The Kettlebell Snatch is my main conditioning tool. During snatch sessions, I perform 5 repetitions every minute and rest for the remainder of the minute while switching hands every other minute. Progress is measured by the total amount of time/reps in a session, eventually increasing the kettlebell size after reaching 30 minutes/sets.


Kettlebell Turkish Getups, sometimes paired with a Bent Press and/or Windmill, are my main strength movement. Five sets are performed in each sessions, switching sides after each rep is performed. Progress is made by chaining additional movements together and increasing the weight of the kettlebell. Each strength session alternates between Heavy and Light to avoid overtraining and remain fresh.


The Cook Drill is used as a recovery day following conditioning and strength sessions. A snatch size kettlebell is used for half the duration of the most recent snatch session. At no time is the kettlebell dropped during the drill.

Snatch: 22 minutes (110 total reps) with a 28kg kettlebell.

Turkish Getup: 5 Turkish Getups (each arm) chained into a Bent Press with a 44kg kettlebell.

Cook Drill: 11 minutes with a 28kg kettlebell.


I don’t track calories, so there aren’t any hard numbers to report here. However, body composition improvements are the result of nutrition more than anything else.

In general, I eat nutrient dense foods leaning towards a lower carbohydrate intake while practicing Intermittent Fasting.


Sleep this month has been poor for a variety of reason. June included too may late nights climbing the Hearthstone Wild Ladder. Weekends traveling took a tool as well, and this is the area with the most room for improvement in upcoming months.

Full Training Log

Upcoming Goals

Body Composition

I had been carrying around a little extra weight in prior months, so I’d like to continue shedding pounds, eventually settling under 210 pounds and maintain a waistline less than 33 inches in circumference.


In the next month, I’d like to begin testing other performance markers, including a five minute snatch test and max weight kettlebell press. While regular progress in training is crucial, having benchmarks is still important.


Despite my diet largely being well under control, minor changes can be made to avoid certain foods I have a tendency to overeat. Bacon, cream cheese, and peanuts tend to be the biggest culprits in this regard, so exhibiting self-control when it comes to these food items would be beneficial.


This is the most critical change I need to make in upcoming months, especially with the impending full launch of this site. Sleep needs to be tracked more closely and given priority over the last few games of Hearthstone. Averaging at least 8 hours of sleep per night  is the goal.

How was your training for the month of June? Any big PRs? Have goals for next month? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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