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Wild Aggro Token Druid Hearthstone Deck Guide

Wild Aggro Token Druid is a deck that swarms the board low cost minions before buffing them into large threats that overwhelm the opponent. Be sure to read this guide before playing piloting the deck on the Wild Ladder!

Wild Aggro Token Druid Overview

Aggro Token Druid is an archetype that has evolved dramatically over the course of Hearthstone’s lifespan. Its origin stems from the days of Violet Teachers paired with the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo that, to this day, haunts veteran players.

Instead of the midrange approach that Combo Druid use, most Token Druids have shifted to a more aggressive build. Power of the Wild has long offered the flexibility to create a minion in times of need or buff a board full of tokens into a frightening pile of stats. The addition of Mark of the Lotus has vaulted the deck from viable to top-tier. The second, more cost-efficient AoE minion buff makes a huge difference in the Druid’s game plan.

In Wild, Aggro Token Druid has a couple of unique (and polite) tools that make it a perennial powerhouse in the format. Jeeves allows Token Druid players to confidently dump their hand. After turn four, the powerful card draw mechanic allows them to continue churning out threats. A staple in Wild Aggro decks, Sir Finley Mrrgglton provides the opportunity to find a more valuable matchup-specific hero power with only a few potential downgrades.

Recently, Journey to Un’Goro provided Living Mana giving the Aggro Token Druid the ability to reload the board after clears, which were devastating to the deck in the past.

Wild Aggro Token Druid Play Style

While the goal of aggressive decks is simple, achieving that goal often requires several critical decisions along the way. With Aggro Token Druid, the timing of buffs is crucial. Likewise, knowing when to take trades and when to attack face can be the difference in the outcome of the game.

Essentially, the deck wants to spend the first few turns gathering control of the board. After gaining the board, Aggro Token Druid has immense burst with Savage Roar or permanent AoE buff spells. Any time the deck achieves a wide board, the threat of lethal is very real.

Wild Aggro Token Druid Deck List & Code

Deck Code (Click to Reveal)
Aggro Token Druid is a deck that has the potential for fast starts and explosive turns. As a result, the deck can quickly overrun opponents. In Season 40, I took a Murloc variant to Rank 1 Legend. My run included a 13 game win streak and a ridiculous turn 3 lethal.

Wild Aggro Token Druid Full Guide

My full Wild Aggro Token Druid Guide is found on Hearthstone Top Decks. The guide is complete with Archetype Variants, General Play Style, Mulligan Strategies, Card Substitutions, and more!

If you have any questions, feedback, or observations about the deck, please leave a comment below!

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