Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Deck Guide

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid comes in at a manageable 1600 Arcane Dust, the same cost as a single Legendary card! Aggro Token Druid is always a great choice for anyone looking to climb ranks in Wild. The deck guide will take you through the decklist, mulligan guide, general play style, and card replacements!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Introduction

Aggro Token Druid is a perennial powerhouse in the Wild format. Numerous variants of the deck have proven to be viable, including iterations running Beasts, Eggs, and even Murlocs. The core of the deck relies on Mark of the Lotus and Power of the Wild, both of which are Common, and make it a great contender for the budget-minded player.

The deck aims to land sticky minions in the early game and enhance them with either single-target or AoE stat buffs. With a wide enough board, Savage Roar can kill opponents even from very high life totals. Frequently, the deck draws openers that are capable of out-pacing any other deck. Still, this budget Aggro Token Druid has a fair amount of resilience to board clears thanks to Soul of the Forest and the deck’s ability to upgrade minions’ stats.

The budget version of this deck does sacrifice a few powerful cards, but not enough to limit its potential. Core cards in the deck such as Jeeves, Mark of the Lotus, and Savage Roar, remain intact making this deck a solid option for climbing the Wild Ladder.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Deck List

Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid

Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Mulligan Guide

Mulligans are a critical component to piloting any deck successfully. Aggro decks, especially, require a distinct game plan in the mulligan phase. With the nerf to Innervate, it’s even more critical for Aggro Token Druid to find one-drops in opening hands. With a one drop in hand, two mana minions, as well as some of the buff spells, can be considered. Late-game buffs and Jeeves should never be kept.

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Always Keep

Sometimes Keep

Rarely Keep

Never Keep

Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Play Strategy

In general, Aggro Token Druid looks to fill the board in the early game with inexpensive minions. Once a reasonable number of these minions are in play, Mark of the Lotus and Power of the Wild can transform a slew of weak minions into a powerful threat. Many times, even curving a turn one Beast into a turn two Mark of Y'Shaarj can establish an insurmountable lead.

Maintaining control of the board is a requirement for this deck to find lethal damage. As such, the timing of the buffs is a critical aspect of piloting the deck effectively and varies depending on the matchup.

Against other aggressive decks, for instance, it may be necessary to use pump spell on only a few minions to make efficient trades.

When facing slower decks, you can establish a wider board before going in on your spells. In these matchups, it’s often more important to buff minions out of range of AoE damage. Always be aware of the timing and damage breakpoints associated the opponent’s board clears.

Finally, in every matchup, it’s vital to know how much damage Savage Roar represents. Even if it’s not yet in your hand, representing lethal damage with Savage Roar can force removal or win games with a fortunate top deck. An easy formula to calculate Roar Damage is below:

Damage on Board + 2 x (Number of Attackers)

Don’t forget that your hero counts as an attacker with Savage Roar!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Aggro Token Druid Card Replacements

The budget version of Aggro Token Druid doesn’t miss out on too much, but there are a handful of upgrades available. Living Mana performs a little better than its proactive counterpart Soul of the Forest. [Sir Finley Mrgglton] and Patches the Pirate are well-missed Legendary cards that can replace one-for-one with a couple other one drops in the deck. If you have Patches, Bloodsail Raiders should make their way in to blast him out of your deck.

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