Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Deck Guide

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest comes in at an inexpensive 1460 Arcane Dust, less than the cost of a single Legendary card! Inner Fire Combo Priest is a highly skill-intensive deck and extremely rewarding to play. This budget version comes courtesy of Control who piloted the deck to legend on a free-to-play account.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Introduction

Inner Fire Combo Priest is another deck that gains a significant selection of tools from the Wild format. The deck’s goal is to stick a minion with high health on the board and buff it with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire for massive bursts of damage.

In Wild, Deathlords create a frustrating roadblock for aggressive decks, but also present a threat as an ideal buff target. Zombie Chows offer a means of battling for the board in the early game and have some burst potential with Auchenai Soulpriest. After the Journey to Un’Goro release, Radiant Elemental enabled combo turns earlier, pushing this deck into the competitive scene.

The biggest loss of this budget version is the lack Shadow Visions. While Lyra the Sunshard is missed as well, the ability to Discover combo pieces dramatically increases the consistency of the deck. That said, the deck can still find a fair amount of success, even when lacking these cards.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Deck List

Wild Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest

Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Mulligan Guide

Mulligan strategies for Inner Fire Combo Priest are somewhat dependent on the matchup. Against Aggro, you need tools to stave off aggression. In Control matches, combo pieces may be worth hanging on to. Either way, you want to find an early game minion to stick on turn one or two.

Certain utility spells and minions are worth holding on to in certain matchups as well. Velen's Chosen and Power Word: Shield, for instance, work well with a Radiant Elemental already in hand.

The low curve of this deck makes it fairly easy to find a good hand and there are few cards that you can’t make a case for keeping in certain matchups. Do not, however, simply hold on to cards because they are playable. Anticipate your opponents’ decks and look for cards that help you against their game plan.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Play Strategy

Inner Fire Combo Priest has the fairly unique ability to convert any minion (even the opponent’s) into a terrorizing threat to end the game. As such, sticking an early Zombie Chow or Northshire Cleric can carry you to victory if you land the right buffs.

In the early game, focus on protecting your minions and maintaining board presence. Radiant Elemental can speed up the combo and get free cycle with Power Word: Shield, but just dropping the 2/3 into play to die is not ideal.

The combination of Wild Pyromancer and Acolyte of Pain can draw a significant amount of cards. Even more so with Northshire Cleric and Circle of Healing. Typically, you want to pair these cards together and dig through your deck for the combo.

When facing decks with a large amount of removal, you want to either distribute your threats or save buff spells to go off on a single turn. Be aware of what removal these decks have access to and play around them accordingly.

Against aggro decks, landing a health buff on Deathlord can lock out the game, just make sure the opponent doesn’t have enough damage on board to clear the 2/8 body immediately.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Inner Fire Combo Priest Card Replacements

As mentioned previously, the biggest loss for the sake of budget is Shadow Visions. Especially when paired with Radiant Elemental, this card offers a lot of utility to Inner Fire Combo Priest to find combo pieces or answers to threats. Lyra the Sunshard is slightly less critical, but does provide the deck with additional hand refill, as well as a last-ditch effort to recovery or close games.

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