Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Deck Guide

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter costs a measly 1200 Arcane Dust! Face Hunter is an old favorite that is still a reliable option for the Wild Hearthstone ladder. The deck guide will take you through the decklist, mulligan guide, general play style, and card replacements!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Introduction

Rexxar has long been the favorite hero of the budget-minded player. In Wild, this is no different. A slew of efficient Beasts makes it possible to churn out early game threats. It’s hard to imagine a situation where [Crackling Razor] won’t have a friend to Adapt.

In this deck, Mad Scientist returns to his old form. The crazed Undead can pull Bear Trap for yet another Beast or Explosive Trap to slow other aggressive decks.

Finally, with both Quick Shot and Kill Command this Face Hunter build has a lot of reach to sneak past Taunt minions for wins. If you’re looking for fast wins with Hunter, this deck is for you.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Deck List

Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter

Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Mulligan Guide

As an aggro deck, this list really wants to find it’s one cost minions to open with. Both Alleycat and [Diremole] fit the bill here, so never throw either of these back. Likewise, Mad Scientist is usually a priority keep in most matchups.

After the one drops, finding [Crackling Razor] or [Galivezooka] to curve into is the next priority. Haunted Creeper can also be a strong turn two play and Golakka Crawler is worth holding against decks that run Pirates.

Most often, you want to toss back three-cost cards, but there is a place for them in some openers. Under no circumstances do you want Secrets, damage spells, or Houndmaster at the start of a game.

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Always Keep

Sometimes Keep

Rarely Keep

Never Keep

Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Play Strategy

As the name suggests, Face Hunter emphasizes damaging the opponent’s hero. In order to do so, however, the deck needs minions in play during the early turns. Curving one-drop Beasts into Crackling Razormaw is the dream opener, but an early game Mad Scientist or Haunted Creeper can put in a lot of work as well.

Like most aggressive decks, maintaining control of the board is critical. Early turns are often spent making efficient trades to wrangle a threating board presence. Both weapons in this deck can help facilitate this and are most often best used protecting minions in play.

At a certain point, Face Hunter will likely need to concede the board. This usually happens around turn four or five. From there, lethal damage can still be managed through some combination of damage spells and Hero Powers.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Face Hunter Card Replacements

While this deck can certainly hold its own, there are several upgrades that can help improve its win rate. From One Night in Karazhan, Cloaked Huntress can provide another way to cheat Secrets into play. The interaction between Wandering Monster and Snake Trap makes for some awkward attacks, so sub them in if you have two of the latter.

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