Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Deck Guide

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin is a little more costly than other classes, but comes in at a reasonable 2160 Arcane Dust! Midrange Recruit Paladin has long been a dominant force in the Wild Hearthstone metagame. While this deck makes a few key sacrifices, it is still capable of climbing the Wild ladder. The deck guide will take you through the decklist, mulligan guide, general play style, and card replacements!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Introduction

If you want a deck that is reminiscent of the early days of Hearthstone while still taking advantage of exciting new cards, Midrange Paladin fits the bill. The deck became a powerhouse on ladder soon after the first full expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes. With the ability to consistently play high-value minions for the first eight turns of the game, Midrange Paladin had a way of dissecting an opponent’s board presence with relative ease.

More recently, Midrange Paladin received several tools from the Journey to Un’goro expansion. New cards that generate (Lost in the Jungle) and synergize (Lightfused Stegodon) with the Paladin’s Silver Hand Recruits were introduced. These complemented existing options, such as Muster for Battle and Quartermaster. As a result, Recruit (or Dude) Paladin was born, propelling Midrange Paladin to the top of Wild tier lists.

The budget version of Midrange Paladin does miss out on powerful Paladin Class Legendary cards, but the core of the deck revolves around Silver Hand Recruits. A lower curve allows the deck to get ahead early, but still have strong late-game scaling into Spikeridged Steed and Vinecleaver. While Quartermaster is certainly missed in this low-dust list, the deck is still capable of holding its own.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Deck List

Wild Budget Midrange Paladin

Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Mulligan Guide

As a curve-centric deck, it excels when you play the most expensive card you have the requisite mana for each. That’s not to say critical decisions won’t be made, but the some of most influential decisions for this style of deck are made during the Mulligan phase. Remember to take the time to consider the cards in hand and map out turns accordingly.

Because the high-cost Paladin Legendary cards are excluded, this list has a fairly low curve. As a result, finding critical early game minions should be easier. Rallying Blade continues to perform very well in Midrange lists and can be kept in some cases, along with other three cost minions. Typically, the top end of your curve and removal spells should be pitched away in the mulligan.

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Always Keep

Sometimes Keep

Rarely Keep

Never Keep

Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Play Strategy

Superficially, Midrange decks appear to play out the same way regardless of the matchup: play good stuff on curve until you overwhelm your opponent and kill him or her. However, understanding your role (i.e., whether you are the Beatdown or the Controller) in different match ups dictates the pace of you plays and should impact the decisions you make.

In general, against Aggro decks, you want to prioritize clearing the board (at the cost of value, if necessary). Here, staying on board just enough to land a Spikeridged Steed can seal the game. Rallying Blade and Muster for Battle are both critical cards in accomplishing this goal.

Conversely, a more aggressive approach may be warranted against Control decks. That said, overextending should still be avoided. This deck does have a lot of refill tools, so board clears don’t often end the game on the spot. Make as many dudes as possible, but don’t risk going all in without a Plan B. Here, Steward of Darkshire is an important card in protecting your Silver Hand Recruits from damage-based board clears.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Midrange Paladin Card Replacements

The biggest consolation this budget deck makes may be the loss of Sunkeeper Tarim. The flexibility of the Tol’vir makes him the most sought-after card in Midrange Paladin. Quartermasters, as well, provide the last bit of Silver Hand Recruit synergy to push this deck over the top.

In the Kobolds and Catacombs meta, it’s pretty well-established that Call to Arms is one of the strongest cards in the expansion. Obviously, this card would be very welcome in this deck.

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