Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Deck Guide

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage comes in at a manageable 1560 Arcane Dust! Secret Mage is a strong option for those interested in burning their opponents with powerful spells. This guide will take you through the decklist, mulligan guide, general play style, and card replacements!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Introduction

Secret Mage has been an archetype that’s been on the fringe of the meta for some time. In the past, it was seen as a gimmicky deck that was strictly worse than the Flamewaker Tempo builds. New tools such as Arcanologist and Medivh's Valet propelled the deck into competitive play.

In Wild, the deck gains access to Duplicate making for a strong Secret package paired with Counterspell and Explosive Runes. Likewise, this list finds Secret tutoring much easier with the availability of Mad Scientist.

Generally, the deck relies on pushing tempo by developing early minion pressure and accelerating secrets into play with Mad Scientist and Kirin Tor Mage. In the mid to late game, the deck begins capitalizing on secret synergies and looks to finish the game with burn spells.

Secret Mage is a relatively inexpensive deck to begin with, making it a prime candidate for a free-to-play gamer. Of all the cards cut for the sake of budget, Medivh's Valet is missed the most, but as soon as One Night in Karazhan rotates out of Standard, he will become an easily crafted Common.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Deck List

Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage

Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Mulligan Guide

Secret Mage is a deck that relies heavily on the synergistic early game minions. Search hard for Mana Wyrms and your two-drop Secret tutors. Kirin Tor Mage pairs well with Arcanologist, so only keep if you have the duo in place.

Frostbolt and Sorcerer's Apprentice are far weaker turn two plays. The former does have some value against Aggro and the latter against Control.

Most of the time, Secrets should be thrown away immediately, but there are some situations in which holding Counterspell or [Duplicated] makes sense. The top end of the deck can be freely thrown back.

Under very few circumstances do you want any card costing more than three mana in your opening hand.

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Always Keep

Sometimes Keep

Rarely Keep

Never Keep

Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Card Replacements

Played optimally, Secret Mage has three distinct phases: Early Board Pressure, Secret Synergies, and Closing Burn.

Early Board Pressure (Turns 1-3)

At the start of the game, you want to snowball the board into early chip damage to your opponent. A 1-2-3 curve of [Mana Wrym], Arcanologist, Kirin Tor Mage is usually hard to beat if uninterrupted. With a secret already in hand, Frostbolting a minion to protect Mana Wyrm is often a better play than Arcanologist against board-centric decks.

Secret Synergies (Turns 4-6)

With the board secured, you can begin taking advantage of the numerous secret synergies in the deck. If Duplicate is up, paying 4 mana for Kabal Crystal Runner on turn four is fine. Otherwise, it may be better to wait until turn five if you have another play and can pair it with another secret from hand. Explosive Runes during these turns can maintain a clear path for your minions to get in chip damage.

Closing Burn (Turns 7-8)

Burn isn’t always essential to winning games, but against slower decks, you may lose the board. With this in mind, try to set up situations in which you can use burn to close out the game. Knowing how much damage you have available from hand and where to direct that damage is critical to piloting the deck successfully.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Secret Mage Card Replacements

The biggest void to fill in this budget Secret Mage is Medivh's Valet. If you have the One Night in Karazhan Adventure, swap two of them in immediately. In the late game, Loatheb can help lock down opponents while providing a reasonable on-curve play.

Aluneth is a potent draw engine and would be a welcome addition to this deck. With its inclusion, however, a shift towards more burn spells may be necessary. One such example is Forgotten Torch which is superior to Arcane Intellect in this deck once you have the Legendary weapon.

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