Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock

This Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock costs just 1720 Arcane Dust, just above the amount required to craft a single Legendary card! Zoo Warlock has long been a favorite for budget-minded Hearthstone player. This Wild variant takes full advantage of some strong Demons and synergies to swarm enemies with efficient minions. The deck guide will take you through the decklist, mulligan guide, general play style, and card replacements!

Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock Introduction

Zoo Warlock has been an F2P BTW player’s favorite deck since Reynad invented Hearthstone in the Summer of 1969. Along with a perpetually minuscule crafting cost, the deck teaches players important Hearthstone basics like value trading and minion placement.

Over time, the Zoo archetype has seen a lot of different iterations. In Wild, the deck regains access to several possibilities lost to Standard players. Old favorites like Haunted Creeper, Power Overwhelming, and Voidcaller make their way back into this deck without a high crafting cost. Zoo Warlock’s game plan is centered around making favorable trades and snowballing board presence into a victory. Unfortunately, this is not quite as effective a strategy as it once was, but the deck can still find wins in certain matchups.

While this deck is classified as a budget deck, it doesn’t make any real sacrifices for the sake of budget. Aside from moving towards a Prince Keleseth build and strengthening the Demon package with [Mal’ganis] and Bloodreaver Gul'dan, the deck does not require any replacements.

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Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock Deck List

Wild Budget Zoo Warlock


Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock Mulligan Guide

Zoo Warlock is desperate to find early game minions in the mulligan. As a result, preference should be given to one-drop minions. With a playable turn minion on turn one, certain two drops can be considered as well. Likewise, there are times where keeping Imp Gang Boss or Darkshire Councilman makes sense. However, Power Overwhelming and any card costing more than three mana should never be kept.

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Always Keep

Sometimes Keep

Rarely Keep

Never Keep

Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock Play Strategy

Zoo Warlock is a deck that relies heavily on making efficient value trades in the early game in order to snowball an oppressive board state. As such, getting a lock on the board in the first few turns is critical. In these spots, overstatted minions on turn one and two, such as Flame Imp and Vulgar Homunculus, more than make up for the damage they deal to your face.

By the mid-game, you want to capitalize on your favorable board state. This is where buffs from Crystalweaver can turn a board of tokens into a legitimate threat.

Even without [Mal’ganis], Voidcaller may be the most powerful card in this deck. Pulling a Doomguard or Despicable Dreadlord into play for free can be game-winning. Be sure to manage the Demons in your hand accordingly. Try to dump your cheap Demons from hand in the turns leading up to the Voidcaller to maximize value from the Deathrattle.

Wild Hearthstone Budget Zoo Warlock Card Replacements

For the most part, this Budget Zoo Warlock sacrifices very little in terms of the core of the deck. Malchezaar's Imp pairs well with Soulfire and Doomguard and is a welcome addition for those that have access to One Night in Karazhan. Likewise, [Mal’ganis] and Bloodreaver Gul'dan provide a little extra top end to provide longevity against slower decks.

Players who own Prince Keleseth may also wish to move towards a build without 2-drops, though the nerf to Patches the Pirate has significantly weakened the Prince 2 builds.

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