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Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List

Welcome to the Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List!

Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List

This guide is designed with the Wild Format specifically in mind. One of the benefits of the Wild Format is that, unlike Standard, Wild cards are not subject to rotation. This means you can feel confident spending your dust on cards at the top of the Tier List knowing that you will be able to include them in your decks for a long time to come. 

The Wild Hearthstone Legendary Tier List was aggregated based on the opinions of several Wild experts from the /r/WildHearthstone subreddit. All contributors have multiple high Legend finishes on the Wild Ladder. The resulting list will continue to be updated and adjusted as new cards are released and any shifts in the meta occur.

The Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List is divided into the following sections:

  • S Tier Legendary Cards are staple Legendaries that are played in several decks. These cards should NEVER be disenchanted and any missing cards in this tier can be crafted (and played) immediately.
  • A Tier Legendary Cards are still relatively powerful, but slightly less pervasive than their S Tier counterparts. These cards should be held onto and are still valuable crafts for certain lists.
  • B Tier Legendary Cards find their way into strong decks from time to time but are not as necessary as the cards in higher Tiers. These Legendary cards may be disenchanted depending on class or deck preference but are still reasonable crafts.
  • C Tier Legendary Cards see some fringe play but are typically not competitively viable. These cards are fairly safe to disenchant if you are short on dust and probably should not be considered for crafting.
  • D Tier Legendary Cards have never seen competitive play and/or are unlikely to see play in the near future. These cards can be safely disenchanted and should never be crafted if competitive play is your primary concern.
  • The Wild Hearthstone Legendary Spreadsheet is included at the end of the guide. This interactive spreadsheet contains all 184 Legendary cards in the Wild Format and can be used to look up the value of Legendary cards in your collection or sorted to include just those cards that are worth crafting.

All Legendary cards in S Tier and A Tier include brief annotations about their strengths and uses.

The purpose of this guide is twofold: to evaluate Legendary cards currently in your collection and to determine which Legendary card to craft next.

Card Evaluation

Opening a Legendary card in one of your packs is always exciting (even the Innkeeper thinks so). The reality, however, is that most Legendary cards are not competitively viable. Using this guide, you can make an informed decision about the relative power level of Legendary cards old and new.

Cards in S Tier and A Tier are definitely worth holding on to. B Tier cards regularly find their way into decks and, as a result, the decision to keep or dust really depends on your class and deck preferences. Finally, cards in C Tier and D Tier may generate more value by being converted to dust.

Crafting Guide

Hearthstone players regularly sit on a pile of dust unsure about what to craft next. The second use of the Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List is to help players decide which cards are worthy of spending 1600 dust on.

When going into any crafting decision, players should think about more than just the power level of the individual card they plan to craft. Consideration should be given to what decks cards fit into, how many other cards need crafting to make the deck function, and how much you would potentially enjoy playing the deck in question.

That said, the Tier List is a good place to start when evaluating Legendary cards. 

Wild Hearthstone S Tier Legendary Cards

Wild Hearthstone S Tier Legendary Cards

S Tier Legendaries are some of the most powerful cards in Wild Hearthstone. All of these cards are played in several lists or are a core component to meta-defining decks. The cards that follow should NEVER be disenchanted and any missing cards in this tier should be crafted immediately.

Brann Bronzebeard—A high-value Legendary largely due to his ability to complement Kazakus, Brann Bronzebeard can do more than just generate two potions. In Jade decks, Brann can accelerate Golem counts and Dragon Priest has several Battlecries they wouldn’t mind doubling up with the red-bearded dwarf.

Edwin VanCleef—Games are frequently won and lost on the shoulders of a large Edwin VanCleef. The leader of the Defias Brotherhood can give Rogues a fighting chance against aggressive decks and single-handedly beat control decks if given the chance to attack for multiple turns.

Emperor Thaurissan—A long time combo-enabler, Emperor Thaurissan is now exclusive to the Wild format. The card finds a home in a variety of slower decks that need cost reduction to finish off opponents.

KazakusAll three Kabal classes have a viable Highlander build in the Wild format thanks to the availability of Reno Jackson. The ability to craft a potion mid-game to address the needs of the current game state make Kazakus one of the best Legendary cards in the format.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor—The accessibility of powerful Deathrattle minions from Naxxramas and Goblins vs. Gnomes cards in the Wild Format makes N’zoth, the Corruptor a far more powerful in Wild than Standard.

Patches the PirateA 1/1 Charge may not seem that relevant at a glance, but the fact that it costs you neither mana nor a card when pulled from your deck makes Patches the Pirate a force to be reckoned with. Patches is so strong, he frequently sees play in decks that would otherwise have no business running Pirates.

Raza the Chained—Another card that gained a lot of support from the Knights of the Frozen Throne, Raza the Chained is part of Reno Priest’s new machine gun finisher. Even before helping to win the game, the free hero powers can give Priest just enough sustain to remain in the game.

Reno JacksonWith aggressive strategies perpetually being a part of Hearthstone, the ability to heal to full will always be relevant. The second key to enabling Highlander decks, Reno Jackson can always be put to good use in Wild.

Shadowreaper Anduin—A must craft for Wild Priest players, Shadowreaper Anduin offers an immediate impact on the board and a means of closing out games. It’s extremely difficult for any deck to out-value repeated and targeted two damage for 0 mana.

Sunkeeper TarimMidrange Recruit Paladin has been at the top of the Wild Meta for some time now and Sunkeeper Tarim is the most critical Legendary in the list. The option to either buff your own minions or reduce the stats on an opposing board make Sunkeeper Tarim flexible enough to solve a variety of board states.

Wild Hearthstone S Tier Legendary Cards Include Rates

Statistics courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Wild Hearthstone S Tier Legendary Cards Win Rates

Statistics courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Wild Hearthstone A Tier Legendary Cards

Wild Hearthstone A Tier Legendary Cards

A Tier cards are still relatively powerful, but slightly less pervasive than their S Tier counterparts. The cards that follow should be held onto and are still valuable crafts if you’re lacking them to finish a particular deck.

Aya Blackpaw—Even in the Wild format, Jade is a strong mechanic and Aya Blackpaw is the most valuable of the gang’s cards. Her ability to develop both board pressure and resilience find her a home in a wide range of decks.

Bloodmage Thalnos—Not the flashiest of Legendaries, but perhaps the one that has seen the most consistent play, Bloodmage Thalnos offers a dual purpose to spell-heavy archetypes that need to cycle through their deck to find a win condition.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan—With the rediscovery of Demon Zoo Warlock, Bloodreaver Gul’dan became a staple in two powerful Warlock decks. With enough Demons included in a deck, Gul’dan provides late game finishing potential for Warlock players.

Dr. Boom—During the Goblins vs. Gnomes era, Dr. Boom was shoved into nearly every deck in the meta. This is not quite the case anymore due to the availability of other powerful options, but Dr. Seven is still a fantastic card for many decks.

Fandral Staghelm—With the Knights of the Frozen Throne release, Jade is proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the Wild Ladder. As a result, Fandral Staghelm becomes immensely valuable. His ability to get both options makes already potent cards, such as Wrath and Nourish even more impactful.

Leeroy Jenkins—Six damage for five mana is almost certainly going to be powerful in Hearthstone for a long time to come. Leeroy Jenkins can provide finishing burst in both Aggro and Control decks alike.

Loatheb—Another previous auto-include card, Loatheb still fits well in Tempo or Midrange decks that need to lock out turns for spell-oriented decks in the mid-game. At worst, he provides a reasonable body on turn five.

Lyra the Sunshard—While Lyra was scoffed at before the Journey to Un’Goro was released, there is no longer any doubt as to the card’s strength. In certain decks, this glowing Elemental can find you the spells needed to find your way out of difficult situations.

Malfurion the Pestilent—Early indications suggest Malfurion the Pestilent is one of the strongest Death Knight in the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. While it’s possible this is the result of other powerful class cards introduced in the release, Malfuion is highly-valuable based on the card’s merits alone.

Ragnaros the Firelord—A card so commonly found in decks that it had to be retired from Standard, Ragnaros the Firelord isn’t quite as pervasive in Wild. Still, the ability to do eight immediate damage makes it unlikely that Rag will ever completely disappear from the meta.

Prince Keleseth—Yet another card that was profoundly undervalued at release, Prince Keleseth has found into a handful of tempo-based decks of late. Despite being somewhat unreliable due to only being able to include one copy, his effect is quite potent for classes that can build around him.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton—Frequently, aggressive decks have a hard time finding a use for their hero powers. Sir Finley provides a solution for this by offering the opportunity to find a more valuable option, such as Life Tap or Steady Shot.

Sylvanas Windrunner—Another previously ubiquitous Neutral Legendary that was banished to the Hall of Fame, the Banshee Queen is still available to steal opposing minions in Wild, much to players’ delight.

The Lich King—The Lich King is the first neutral Legendary we’ve seen in some time that feels like a reasonable inclusion in nearly any deck. With a high deck include and win rate, dark Arthas is certainly a powerful Legendary.

Tirion Fordring—Tirion Fordring has been one of the best Legendary cards since the inception of Hearthstone. While he continues to be a powerhouse in the Wild format, the eight mana cost makes him a reasonable cut in some decks given the speed of the Wild meta game.

Wild Hearthstone A Tier Legendary Cards Include Rates

Statistics courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Wild Hearthstone A Tier Legendary Cards Win Rates

Statistics courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Wild Hearthstone B Tier Legendary Cards

B Tier Legendary cards have uses in certain cases but are not quite as necessary as those in the tiers above. The cards that follow should not be disenchanted but needn’t be crafted either, unless you have a specific reason to do so.

Wild Hearthstone C Tier Legendary Cards

C Tier Legendary cards see occasional play and, with enough support added in future expansions, may be viable in the future. These cards, however, are not currently a requirement for any competitive deck in the Wild format and are worth the consideration for disenchanting.

Wild Hearthstone D Tier Legendary Cards

D Tier Legendary Cards have never seen competitive play and are unlikely to in the near future. These cards can safely be disenchanted by new and experienced Wild Hearthstone players alike. Enjoy your 400 dust!

Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List Spreadsheet

The Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List Spreadsheet can be used to review all Legendary cards in the Wild format. The list of cards can be sorted by Name, Class, Set, or Tier. Searching is also enabled to sift through the massive number of Legendaries available in the Wild format. Feel free to export this spreadsheet into the offered formats to manipulate it locally.

  • Pro Tip: Looking for cards in a specific tier? Just search for that tier (e.g., “S Tier”)!
Include Rate (%)
Win Rate (%)
Reno JacksonNeutralLeague of ExplorersS Tier22.9756.17
Patches the PirateNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanS Tier20.2460.45
KazakusNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanS Tier20.4257.25
Bloodmage ThalnosNeutralClassicA Tier18.1156.09
Emperor ThaurissanNeutralBlackrock MountainS Tier18.0054.13
Brann BronzebeardNeutralLeague of ExplorersS Tier16.0653.52
N'Zoth, the CorruptorNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsS Tier15.8653.37
Shadowreaper AnduinPriestKnights of the Frozen ThroneS Tier14.8657.28
Sylvanas WindrunnerNeutralClassicA Tier13.5054.67
Raza the ChainedPriestMean Streets of GadgetzanS Tier12.9657.93
The Lich KingNeutralKnights of the Frozen ThroneA Tier11.8653.72
Ragnaros the FirelordNeutralClassicA Tier10.1055.10
Dr. BoomNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesA Tier9.2158.05
Bloodreaver Gul'danWarlockKnights of the Frozen ThroneA Tier9.0256.81
BarnesNeutralOne Night in KarazhanB Tier8.6654.07
LoathebNeutralNaxxramasA Tier8.4159.02
Leeroy JenkinsNeutralClassicA Tier8.0358.88
Sir Finley MrrggltonNeutralLeague of ExplorersA Tier7.9561.02
Prince KelesethNeutralKnights of the Frozen ThroneA Tier7.7258.16
Aya BlackpawNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanA Tier7.1657.58
Lyra the SunshardPriestJourney to Un'GoroA Tier6.4056.80
Deathstalker RexxarHunterKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier5.4556.47
Prophet VelenPriestClassicB Tier5.2456.96
YseraNeutralClassicB Tier5.2953.82
Edwin VanCleefRogueClassicS Tier5.2957.34
Mal'GanisWarlockGoblins vs. GnomesB Tier5.2457.54
Tirion FordringPaladinClassicA Tier4.7759.48
Malfurion the PestilentDruidKnights of the Frozen ThroneA Tier4.7555.61
Sunkeeper TarimPaladinJourney to Un'GoroS Tier4.5162.03
Elise the TrailblazerNeutralJourney to Un'GoroB Tier4.3953.21
Frost Lich JainaMageKnights of the Frozen ThroneB Tier4.0951.77
Fandral StaghelmDruidWhispers of the Old GodsA Tier3.9155.54
Medivh, the GuardianNeutralOne Night in KarazhanB Tier3.9654.13
The CuratorNeutralOne Night in KarazhanB Tier3.8052.71
Y'Shaarj, Rage UnboundNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsB Tier3.7353.40
Archmage AntonidasMageClassicB Tier3.5651.82
AlexstraszaNeutralClassicB Tier3.5252.70
Cairne BloodhoofNeutralClassicC Tier3.4354.97
Valeera the HollowRogueKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier3.0947.10
Krul the UnshackledWarlockMean Streets of GadgetzanC Tier2.8657.71
Awaken the MakersPriestJourney to Un'GoroC Tier2.7352.67
Lord JaraxxusWarlockClassicB Tier2.3856.30
Thrall, DeathseerShamanKnights of the Frozen ThroneB Tier2.2458.16
Justicar TrueheartNeutralThe Grand TournamentB Tier2.3149.66
Shaku, the CollectorRogueMean Streets of GadgetzanB Tier2.1656.32
Wickerflame BurnbristlePaladinMean Streets of GadgetzanB Tier2.2058.48
Kel'ThuzadNeutralNaxxramasB Tier2.1550.04
Kun the Forgotten KingDruidMean Streets of GadgetzanC Tier2.1054.05
Yogg-Saron, Hope's EndNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier1.9349.22
Old Murk-EyeNeutralClassicB Tier1.8859.03
MalygosNeutralClassicB Tier1.8250.36
Finja, the Flying StarNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanB Tier1.7260.85
Sneed's Old ShredderNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesC Tier1.7353.02
C'ThunNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier1.6846.63
Confessor PaletressPriestThe Grand TournamentC Tier1.7154.42
Prince MalchezaarNeutralOne Night in KarazhanD Tier1.6944.07
Uther of the Ebon BladePaladinKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier1.6654.96
PyrosMageJourney to Un'GoroB Tier1.6052.82
Archbishop BenedictusPriestKnights of the Frozen ThroneD Tier1.5549.97
FeugenNeutralNaxxramasC Tier1.4050.90
StalaggNeutralNaxxramasC Tier1.3850.87
ArfusNeutralKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier1.3650.32
Elise StarseekerNeutralLeague of ExplorersC Tier1.3848.07
Ragnaros, LightlordPaladinWhispers of the Old GodsB Tier1.3056.36
DeathwingNeutralClassicC Tier1.3153.37
Spiritsinger UmbraNeutralJourney to Un'GoroC Tier1.2750.87
Open the WaygateMageJourney to Un'GoroC Tier1.2545.59
Nexus-Champion SaraadNeutralThe Grand TournamentC Tier1.1553.06
Grommash HellscreamWarriorClassicC Tier1.1050.71
Scourgelord GarroshWarriorKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier1.0749.01
Xaril, Poisoned MindRogueWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier1.0452.35
Baron RivendareNeutralNaxxramasD Tier0.9949.88
SindragosaMageKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.9851.04
The Black KnightNeutralClassicB Tier0.9353.28
Prince ValanarNeutralKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.9449.04
AvianaDruidThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.9050.87
Baron GeddonNeutralClassicC Tier0.8851.01
Deathwing, DragonlordNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier0.8852.24
Twin Emperor Vek'lorNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier0.7248.16
ChillmawNeutralThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.6551.38
Fire Plume's HeartWarriorJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.6449.00
ChromaggusNeutralBlackrock MountainD Tier0.6447.91
NefarianNeutralBlackrock MountainD Tier0.6249.61
Captain GreenskinNeutralClassicC Tier0.5960.35
Professor PutricideHunterKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.6059.28
White EyesShamanMean Streets of GadgetzanB Tier0.5852.42
HadronoxDruidKnights of the Frozen ThroneD Tier0.5247.72
Hemet, Jungle HunterNeutralJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.5151.78
Harrison JonesNeutralClassicB Tier0.5150.91
Unite the MurlocsShamanJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.4859.36
RotfaceWarriorKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.4547.56
Arch-Thief RafaamNeutralLeague of ExplorersD Tier0.3948.35
Vol'jinPriestGoblins vs. GnomesC Tier0.4058.36
Inkmaster SoliaMageMean Streets of GadgetzanC Tier0.3851.94
Bolvar, FirebloodPaladinKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.3558.04
Jungle GiantsDruidJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.3547.04
Sherazin, Corpse FlowerRogueJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.3251.21
King KrushHunterClassicD Tier0.2954.05
CenariusDruidClassicC Tier0.3047.54
Soggoth the SlithererNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier0.3047.34
Auctionmaster BeardoNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanC Tier0.2850.26
Clutchmother ZavasWarlockJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.2852.08
Princess HuhuranHunterWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier0.2654.94
Kalimos, Primal LordShamanJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.2655.07
Lakkari SacrificeWarlockJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.2346.82
MoroesNeutralOne Night in KarazhanD Tier0.2446.77
Blood-Queen Lana'thelWarlockKnights of the Frozen ThroneD Tier0.2350.59
Hallazeal the AscendedShamanThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.2350.37
Al'Akir the WindlordShamanClassicC Tier0.2254.80
Prince TaldaramNeutralKnights of the Frozen ThroneC Tier0.2147.10
Illidan StormrageNeutralClassicD Tier0.1951.18
Rend BlackhandNeutralBlackrock MountainD Tier0.1850.00
ToshleyNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesC Tier0.1852.46
Iron JuggernautWarriorGoblins vs. GnomesC Tier0.1840.21
Lilian VossRogueKnights of the Frozen ThroneD Tier0.1744.46
TyrantusDruidJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.1646.51
The Caverns BelowRogueJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.1643.84
Swamp King DredHunterJourney to Un'GoroC Tier0.1653.52
The Marsh QueenHunterJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.1541.88
RhoninMageThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.1549.60
Nat, the DarkfisherNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.1444.60
HoggerNeutralClassicD Tier0.1344.79
Nat PagleNeutralClassicD Tier0.1345.64
The MistcallerShamanThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.1248.69
Majordomo ExecutusNeutralBlackrock MountainD Tier0.1246.19
Shifter ZerusNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.1349.19
Eadric the PurePaladinThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.1150.05
King MuklaNeutralClassicC Tier0.1246.06
Varian WrynnWarriorThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.1251.01
OnyxiaNeutralClassicC Tier0.1149.32
Lorewalker ChoNeutralClassicD Tier0.1145.42
Don Han'ChoNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.1147.67
Tinkmaster OversparkNeutralClassicD Tier0.1044.52
NeptulonShamanGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.1057.77
WrathionNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.1051.42
GruulNeutralClassicD Tier0.0940.89
MaexxnaNeutralNaxxramasD Tier0.0945.76
Troggzor the EarthinatorNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0947.62
Hobart GrapplehammerWarriorMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0853.51
Gormok the ImpalerNeutralThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.0858.59
The Last KaleidosaurPaladinJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.0947.26
Herald VolazjPriestWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0847.14
MalkorokWarriorWhispers of the Old GodsC Tier0.0851.19
Skycap'n KraggNeutralThe Grand TournamentC Tier0.0762.75
King MoshWarriorJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.0748.97
Trade Prince GallywixNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0744.74
AnomalusMageWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0746.64
NozdormuNeutralClassicD Tier0.0650.56
MalorneDruidGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0746.84
Mukla, Tyrant of the ValeNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0646.01
Blingtron 3000NeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0646.23
Genzo, the SharkNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0654.74
Wilfred FizzlebangWarlockThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0651.03
Mayor NoggenfoggerNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0642.93
Eydis DarkbaneNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0550.31
Mimiron's HeadNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0545.70
Gahz'rillaHunterGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0552.63
Anub'arakRogueThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0551.27
Bolvar FordragonPaladinThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0551.33
KnucklesHunterMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0455.92
Madam GoyaNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0448.38
Sergeant SallyNeutralMean Streets of GadgetzanD Tier0.0447.94
Cho'gallWarlockWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0452.09
MoorabiShamanKnights of the Frozen ThroneD Tier0.0442.15
The VoraxxNeutralJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.0448.85
Fjola LightbaneNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0352.58
Gelbin MekkatorqueNeutralClassicD Tier0.0449.72
DreadscaleHunterThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0355.89
Hogger, Doom of ElwynnNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0347.48
OzrukNeutralJourney to Un'GoroD Tier0.0341.78
The BeastNeutralClassicD Tier0.0346.80
Foe Reaper 4000NeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0248.12
IcehowlNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0349.81
Mogor the OgreNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0245.58
Elite Tauren ChieftainNeutralClassicD Tier0.0251.82
Mekgineer ThermapluggNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0239.88
Bolf RamshieldNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0239.76
Millhouse ManastormNeutralClassicD Tier0.0241.07
The Skeleton KnightNeutralThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0244.94
AcidmawHunterThe Grand TournamentD Tier0.0144.83
The BoogeymonsterNeutralWhispers of the Old GodsD Tier0.0140.31
Flame LeviathanMageGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0145.37
GazloweNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0150.98
Hemet NesingwaryNeutralGoblins vs. GnomesD Tier0.0047.83
Statistics courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Wild Hearthstone Team

All contributors to this project have high Legend finishes on the Wild Ladder and voluneteered their time to voice their opinion. Thanks to the members of the Wild Hearthstone community list below for offering their input on the Legendary Cards in this Tier List. Special thanks to XCrouton who was instrumental in coordinating this project.

Have any questions or feedback about the Wild Hearthstone Legendary Card Tier List? Let me know in the comment section below!

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