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Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Hearthstone Deck Guide

Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin is a deck that swarms the board with Silver Hand Recruits and converts them into threats with synergistic cards. Be sure to read this guide before playing piloting the deck on the Wild Ladder!

Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Overview

If you want a deck that is reminiscent of the early days of Hearthstone while still taking advantage of exciting new cards, Midrange Paladin fits the bill. The deck became a powerhouse on ladder soon after the first full expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes. With the ability to consistently play high-value minions for the first eight turns of the game, Midrange Paladin had a way of dissecting an opponent’s board presence with relative ease.

With the Grand Tournament expansion, Mysterious Challenger shifted the focus to a more Secret-oriented build–much to the chagrin of a large portion of the player base. The playstyle and win-condition of the deck remained largely the same, however: grind out your opponent by playing the best minion on curved, turn after turn.

More recently, Midrange Paladin received several tools from the Journey to Un’goro expansion. New cards that generate (Lost in the Jungle) and synergize (Lightfused Stegodon) with the Paladin’s Silver Hand Recruits were introduced. These complemented existing options, such as Muster for Battle and Quartermaster. As a result, Recruit (or Dude) Paladin was born, propelling Midrange Paladin to the top of Wild Meta Reports.

Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Play Style

Superficially, Midrange decks appear to play out the same way regardless of the match up: play good stuff on curve until you overwhelm your opponent and kill him or her. However, understanding your role (i.e., whether you are the Beatdown or the Controller) in different match ups dictates the pace of you plays and should impact the decisions you make.

In general, against Aggro decks, you want to prioritize clearing the board (at the cost of value, if necessary). Conversely, a more aggressive approach may be warranted against Control decks.

Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Deck List & Code

Deck Code (Click to Reveal)
Currently, the deck has favorable match ups against nearly the entire Wild field. If you want a deck is consistent and capable of winning almost any game, Midrange Recruit Paladin is THE deck to play!

Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Full Guide

The Wild Midrange Recruit Paladin Guide is found on Hearthstone Top Decks. The guide is complete with General Play Style, Mulligan Strategies, Card Substitutions, and more!

If you have any questions, feedback, or observations about the deck, please leave a comment below!

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