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Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Hearthstone Deck Guide

Wild N’zoth Control Shaman is a deck that takes crushes aggressive decks with a slew of area of effect spells, healing, and taunt minions. Be sure to read this guide before playing piloting the deck on the Wild Ladder!

Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Overview

Control Shaman has been a mainstay in Wild since the format was introduced. Previously, the deck would take advantage of Elemental Destruction, often paired with Hallazeal the Ascended for both a full board clear and massive healing. With the Un’goro release came a more reliable board wipe in Volcano with less of a downside than Elemental Destruction. As a result, Control Shaman became a more consistent option, proving to be the most viable control deck in early Wild meta reports.

There are a handful of different builds for Control Shaman, including variants that cheat out Malygos with Ancestor's Call followed by a barrage of cheap burn spells. Other lists choose to work in Thing from Below to capitalize on hero powers in early turns and ward off early aggression.

All versions of the deck run a full suite of AoE spells to keep the opponent’s side of the board clean and only an assortment of high-cost minions to ensure good value from Healing Wave and Barnes.

The most consistent build, however, is credited to Sipiwi94 which will be outlined in this guide. Sipiwi94’s deck involves a combination of high-value Deathrattle minions with several options for resurrecting them. The addition of Kel'Thuzad offers the potential for a nearly unclearable board. This particular build offers the tools to stifle the most aggressive of decks while still offering a strong late game.

Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Play Style

The beauty of Control Shaman is how differently it plays depending on the match up. Against Aggro decks, you try to survive long enough to drop big threats and smack the opponent in the face. In Control matches, loading your deck with [Storm Guardian]s can be your path to victory. Either way, games require you to make critical decisions on nearly every turn.

Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Deck List & Code

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Currently, the deck has great match ups against the sea of aggressive decks on the Wild Ladder, but still has the potential to out value greedy Reno decks.

Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Full Guide

The Wild N’zoth Control Shaman Guide is found on Hearthstone Top Decks. The guide is complete with General Play Style, Mulligan Strategies, Card Substitutions, and more!

If you have any questions, feedback, or observations about the deck, please leave a comment below!

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