Wildfest is Coming!

Along with today’s patch release, a new event was announced beginning in the middle of February stretching nearly to the Ides of March! Perhaps most exciting is that this event will feature content from the Wild Hearthstone format!

First, let’s take a look at exactly what the event entails!

Wildfest is Coming!

Celebrate all things Hearthstone with Wildfest, February 19 – March 11. We’ll be spicing up the Arena and offering exciting new Tavern Brawls, so get ready to go Wild!

Wild Arena


Starting on February 19 and lasting through March 11, the Arena draft will offer cards that are exclusive to Wild. Have an existing Arena run going? Be sure to finish it up before Wildfest begins – existing Arena runs will be retired automatically at the start of Wildfest. We’ll remind you that Wildfest is coming, so you have ample time to finish your runs before the fun commences.

Behold the Brawliseum!

We’ve fashioned two Tavern Brawls celebrating Wild for you to partake in over the course of Wildfest: Venture Into the Wild and The Wild Brawliseum.


Venture Into the Wild is a pre-constructed Wild Tavern Brawl that anyone can pick up and play in a snap. Just pick a class, and we’ll outfit you with a Wild deck that’s ready to rumble. We’ll leave the decks themselves a secret, so get in there and try each one the week Venture Into the Wild goes live. Venture Into the Wild is a great way to experience the fun of Wild, even if you don’t own a full Wild collection.


The Wild Brawliseum is a Wild Tavern Brawl aimed at the competitive Hearthstone player that wants to put their skills and collection to the test. The Wild Brawliseum uses player-built decks that are locked in for the duration of the run, and has an entry fee that uses Gold or real money. Players battle each other until they hit 12 wins or 3 losses, just like Arena. The rewards offered are also the same as what is offered in the Arena, so get in there and give The Wild Brawliseum a try – the first run is free!


We hope you enjoy the excitement of Wildfest! What kind of decks are you planning on building for the Brawliseum? Let us know in the comments below!

Roffle’s Response

In general, I like the idea of featuring Hearthstone’s Wild format. When Ben Brode announced that there was something Wild-specific planned for the beginning of this year, I was a bit skeptical. My assumption was that it would be another Heroic Tavern Brawl and, well, I was close. While it does offer a very similar experience to the Heroic Tavern Brawls, there are some slight improvements as well as additional events that come with it.

Wild typically has issues with low population and this event may provide a bit of a push for players in the format. Last month, we had Kripp showcase the Wild format for a substantial number of viewers and this even coming at the heels of that lines up nicely. Even if it only move the needle in the slightest, I’d consider it a good thing.

Wild Arena

Despite my affinity for the Wild format, Arena is one place where I prefer the shift to Standard. In a limited format, such as Arena, the larger card pool feels detrimental to gameplay, in my opinion. With so many cards available, draft synergies become less reliable and playing around specific cards is pointless.

What I would prefer to the inclusion of all cards in Arena is rotating blocks of Wild-exclusive expansions plus the core set. For example, having only the Classic Set, Naxxramas, and Goblins vs. Gnomes in the draft pool would allow players to feel nostalgic without diluting the card pool too much. In the week that follows, a rotation of Classic Set, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers would again create an exciting new experience while featuring Wild-only cards.

My own opinions aside, many others were calling for Wild cards in Arena, so I’m happy that their voices were heard.

Venture Into the Wild

Venture Into the Wild gives new players a chance to experience the Wild format with no cost of entry. Frequently, the large card pool in the format is intimidating for these players, so the idea of preconstructed decks provides a fantastic bridge.

As mentioned earlier, Wild has a serious population problem and this may help fix it! Introducing new players to the format through the Tavern Brawl may get them to start queuing up games in ranked play.

The Wild Brawliseum

Of all components of Wildfest, this is probably the one I’m most excited for. I’ve been saving gold for some time in preparation for the next Heroic Tavern Brawl and the Brawliseum offers a similar experience at (what I’m assuming) is a lower cost.

While I previously enjoyed the idea of the Heroic Brawls, the high cost of entry and low expected value prevented me from doing more than one run per event. As a f2p gamer, maximizing the value of my resources is crucial and I couldn’t justify more than one run.

Now, with the Brawliseum, it seems that Blizzard has heard the community’s complaints and look to be shifting the structure to mirror Arena. As a result, you’ll likely find me jamming Brawliseum runs to my heart’s content once the event is launched.

Looking Ahead

Given the predictable nature of the event, I’m not completely blown away by Wildfest, but do appreciate the addition of content related to the format. If nothing else, it sets a precedent for Wild-centered events and may help solve some of the population problems in Wild.

Buckle up! We’re going to get some great content going once Wildfest is live! I’ve had some ideas in the works for some time now and the visibility the event will certainly provide may be the motivation I needed to finish some projects.

How do you feel about the announcement of Wildfest? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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